Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Plan So Far!

Well, I have officially started planting! WooHoo!!!!

I came home from work last night and had some dinner then told my better half that it was time to plant!! She was like alright! So as night was falling I prepped my first garden, I shall call it Shady. Shady is called this be cause it is close to the property line and the neighbors have a privacy fence. Shady gets, well, shady in the afternoon, after about 8-10 hours of great sunlight. In this garden I planted all my leafy greens. in there I have three squares of Red Romaine, two squares of Black Seeded Simpson, two squares of Butterhead, two squares of Parris Island Lettuce, one square of sylvestra (a boston type of lettuce), two squares of Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach, and four squares of Arugula. Soon, probably this weekend, I am going to put out some Lincoln Garden Peas. I was going to plant peas in the squares occupied by the arugula, however, due to my lack of planning I forgot to look and see if this was a good match. When i got to work this morning I looked up if peas and arugula could be planted together like this, and the answer was YES!!!! The gardening gods were looking out for me :D

My second box, called Sunny (do I even need to tell you why?), still needs to be prepped. I have a box full of good soil and roots. I asked on the forums today how important it is to remove the previous years roots for this years garden. Knowing the active community on this forum I will most likely have an answer by tonight, several actually :D I love the SFG method and cannot wait to get in to this season for year two.

I will see if i can figure out how to post my garden plans here soon so every one can have a visual of what I am talking about.

Until next time, Happy Gardening!

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