Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More planting

So as most of my garden plans do, mine have changed slightly. Just moved a few things around....added a new variety of carrot :D simple things.

I am finding that I am running out of space quick. I am trying to find the things I want to plant, garlic to name one, while struggling not to plant every thing I have seeds for :P

so far so goo on my Broccoli starts, I have one that is just starting to show it's first true leaves. still no action on the bell peppers or egg plant. I probably won't see any for a while since i don't have a seed mat (they are expensive) so I might just have to steal my daughters room heater and heat up the area around the seeds and see if I can tease them out. I do have a few coming up in my class room, May be I should start a few more there since they have this really kick ass grow light set up :D

So to day I planted 16 Parisienne Carrot, I got these as a free gift from the folks over at Rareseeds.com. I can't wait to pull one of these round things our of the ground.

the other day I came across some shallots that I had stored from last season failure of a try. So I though I would try again :D didn't cost me anything this year....I think no matter what that next year I will bite the bullet and drop the $20 for a pound of great shallot sets, the red kind B-).

Oh yeah, nearly forgot. I ordered more seeds on Sunday. I ordered a yellow variety for a co worker of my wife and a purple variety for my wife. She had a Cherokee purple last year and she said she liked it. I believe that both of of these are indeterminate varieties so i can expect tomatoes all summer long.

Next I am going to have to go out and buy some dirt and compost for my containers i am going to have. two of them will be a determinate paste style tomato and one will be for potatoes. I should then be set for the summer.

So this was so short but I am at work and have been interrupted several times.

Until next time, Happy Gardening!

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