Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm back!

Apparently I am not a blogger! I never seem to have the time to actually sit down and write something.

Last year I had added a new 4x4x10" box which did extraordinarily well! I can not even begin to stress the importance of having the five different types of compost in your Mel's Mix! there is a thread on the forums I visit called "Mel's Mix, How strong is your backbone", IMO a must read for all new comers to this methodology of gardening. I saw the difference right before my eyes O.O it was amazing. So to those of you just starting out spend the time looking, hunting and driving to find your composts. My tomatoes were huge, my onions were baseball to softball sized, Shallots, oh yeah (even though i put too many in the square) came out jsut fine. it really looked like a jungle. my other two boxes did ok, nothing amazing but they gave me some nom noms.

This spring I have several things going on, the most important of which is my graduate thesis. I REALLY need to complete it this semester. so while I will be gardening I will not make any promises that I will be blogging.

I am currently in my seed buying stage and planning stage for this years gardens. I am really trying to get a great plan together that includes, broccoli, peas, Calima beans, lots of lettuce, arugula, eggplant, onions (from seed this year), leeks, shallots, tomatoes (beefsteak, cherokee purple, and roma all from rareseeds.com) plus a few other things. I have no idea how i am going to fit and time the planting for all of these yummy plants but some how i will make it work.

I hope to write again when I have my seeds in hand and a better handle on what and where I am going to plant everything. so until next time, Happy SFGing :D